What makes a CSz Quad Cities show different?

Every one of our shows and workshops are totally unique and different as we cater them specifically to your need! Since the nature of what we do is based on improvisational comedy, no two shows or workshops are ever the same. Even if you’ve seen us before, we can make your next event an entirely different experience. If you have seen us before and wish to see a game your group enjoyed, be sure to let us know and we'll include it in the set list! 

So, G.I.T. Improv is not the same thing as ComedySportz™?

G.I.T. Improv is a formal, family-friendly, 3-4 person improv comedy show tailored to your specific event, whereas ComedySportz™ is presented as a sport featuring two teams and a referee. They are two entirely different improv experiences - and we strongly encourage you to see both!

Got it. How early should I book a show or a workshop?

We highly recommend you book as early as possible to guarantee availability as our show schedule tends to fill up rather quickly - especially around the holiday season! We will do our best to accommodate your request, however please know we fill dates on a first booked / first serve basis. 

I'm intrigued. How much do your shows or workshops cost?

We have many affordable pricing options available to fit your needs depending on the type of show or workshop, show length, travel, etc. 


Hey! I own/work with/have a friend who runs a theatre. Could I make G.I.T. or ComedySportz™ part of our upcoming season?

That's awesome! We would love for you to watch this short promotional video of a Midwestern theatre who took a chance and booked us over ten years ago - and we're still selling out shows there to this day. [Note: Our troupe was formally known as Guys In Ties.]

We are a perfect choice for your theatres dark weekends as our minimal performance requirements make us an excellent, fun, fiscally sound, and non-invasive choice to bring a truly unique and interactive theatrical experience to your audiences and subscribers.

Hang on a sec... G.I.T. used to be called, 'Guys In Ties'?

Yes, we did! - and you may still see our old name on some videos and marketing materials as we phase it out. We opted to modernize in 2019, and are really excited about our future. Same awesome improv - slightly different name. 

Knowing our group, we’re going to need a show that’s more on the uncensored side. Can CSz Quad Cities accommodate us?

Of course! Many of The Late Nite Shows are easily adaptable to traveling, and we’d be delighted to get a bit dirty with your group.


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