Collegiate Workshops + Coaching

G.I.T. Improv offers beginning, intermediate, and advanced coaching options covering both short form and long form disciplines which we can cater to whatever your troupe is hoping to learn.

Whether your troupe is just starting out or if you have seasoned performers, we’re excited to work with you.

“We routinely bring in G.I.T. instructors. The students have a ton of
fun and expand their skillset at the same time.”

Adam Lewis | Department of Theatre and Dance, Western Illinois University

Your school can book a workshop and show together at a discount and not only will your troupe be invited to open our performance, we then offer a private Q&A deconstruction session of the performance with your troupe so they can see and understand the techniques they have learned in real time.

“One of the best improv workshops and shows we’ve ever had.”
Greg Wolf | Director of Theatre Arts, University of Dubuque


High School Workshops + Coaching

G.I.T. Improv works hand-in-hand at the high school level with the CSz Quad Cities High School League program, which empowers students by learning improv skills to benefit them not only on stage, but also in life.